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Property Restoration Industry’s Most Exclusive Contractor Network Partners with Stanley Restoration

AUSTIN, Texas CORE Group, North America’s fastest growing contractor network, is pleased to announce Stanley Restoration as the newest Member of CORE Elite. CORE Elite is the property restoration industry’s most exclusive membership offering. Elite Membership offers exceptional property restoration contractors that have met CORE’s rigorous credentialing standards the ability to be a part of […]

Stanley Restoration Incorporates BioSheen of Texas as New Forensic Restoration Division

Stanley Restoration Incorporates BioSheen of Texas as New Forensic Restoration Division

Celebrating 40 Years In Business

Celebrating 40+ Years In Business In the beginning of November, Stanley Restoration celebrated being in business for 40 years.  It was October of 1981, when James D. Stanley, our founder, decided to leave a very lucrative sales career to spend more time at home with his family.  He decided to start a humble little carpet […]

February Newsletter & Contest

Thank you for visiting the February Page.  You can find the following items on this page listed in order: Contest: Super-Awesome February Contest Article: Soap & Water OR Hand Sanitizer? Craft: Valentine’s Day Mobile Super-Awesome February Contest!! This month our contest has a quiz.  Fill out the four questions on the quiz and email the […]

Slow Water Leaks And Emergency Water Removal

You would never ignore a broken faucet that was spraying water all over the kitchen. You wouldn’t close the bathroom door and pretend a toilet wasn’t clogged. But not every water damage problem is so obvious. Sometimes a tiny pinprick hole in a pipe allows a slow leak that you don’t notice– sometimes for months.  […]

Get The Proper Tools, Team And Techniques For Proven Emergency Water Removal

Maybe the water came from a broken pipe in the bathroom. Or even messier, maybe the bottom rusted out of your hot water heater. Perhaps the deluge is from a freak thunderstorm that parked over your neighborhood for a solid hour. When you have gallons of water flowing through your home or business, there is […]

Things You Should Know About Emergency Water Removal

Emergency water damage brings a lot more than just water into your home. If you have experienced water damage in your home in Dallas, here are 4 other problems you may also be faced with in addition to all that water. Contaminants Floodwater should always be treated like it is contaminated (more often than not, […]

Water Damage Restoration Dallas

24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services Get the fresh start you need after a water damage disaster. You don’t have to deal with the headache of water damage cleanup on your own. Stanley Restoration in Dallas, TX is available 24/7 to help you restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. Why Should I […]

Emergency Water Removal In Dallas

While leaky pipes may seem like nothing more than an annoyance, over time these leaks can cause water damage and even flooding in your Dallas home. If a pipe leaks in an area where you don’t spend a lot of time, such as the basement or utility room, you may be living with prolonged water […]

Emergency Water Removal: Understanding Water Types

When dealing with emergency water damage removal, it is important to be aware that not all water damage is the same. In fact, water damage is divided into 3 different categories based on the type of water present. These three types of contaminated water have their own appropriate remediation plans that need to be followed […]