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Patrolling the perimeter of the base in the Khandahar Region of Afghanistan.

The Wounded Warrior Case Study

Restoring The Irreplaceable.

We think often of this young Marine who we had the true priveledge to serve. Gravely wounded in the Khandahar Province, he died three times on the helicopter en route to the emergency trauma facilities. The dilligent medics were able to revive and stabilize him after the third time his heart had stopped. Fighting severe blood loss and a shattered body, this brave Marine would become one of the few to survive a devastating IED attack while on foot. Some of his fellow squad members were not as lucky.

Stateside this wounded warrior required much rehabilitation to learn to walk again. During his various rehabilitation appointments and surgeries, an HVAC leak occurred above his master bedroom closet. Unfortunately the leak went undetected for quite some time and many of his military documents and garments suffered severe mold and water damage. Of critical importance were his dress blues and several flags that had flown over his base in Afghanistan. These items had significant meaning. These items were irreplaceable.

We love restoring items for homeowners, but this was different. We had to restore these items for this young Marine. They represented who he was, what he had done and all that he had been through. Failure, in our mind, was not an option.

Through the use of the patented and proprietary Esporta Wash System, we were able to restore 100% of all of the soft goods that were affected.

We were honored to be able to give something back to someone who had given so much for our nation – a silent and humble hero who was always uncomfortable when we thanked him for his service.