Compassionate And Discreet Forensic Cleanup And Restoration When You Need It

Stanley Restoration offers 24/7 forensic cleanup and restoration services to those who are in need through our sister company – BioSheen of Texas. Traumatic events require compassion and respect and Stanley Restoration and BioSheen of Texas offers the highest level to our clients. With discretion and attention to detail, our team can clean up, disinfect and restore your property. Our team is certified in proper removal and disposal of biohazards and we guarantee that safety measures are met 100% of the time! Stanley Restoration offers the best comprehensive cleanup and decontamination services for:

  • Suicide & Unattended Deaths
  • Homicide & Crime Scenes
  • Mass Casualties
  • Hoarding Environments
  • Biohazard & Hazardous Waste
  • Bioterrorism Events

When you have suffered a difficult or traumatic event, let Stanley Restoration and BioSheen of Texas take the weight off of your shoulders and help you get your property professionally cleaned and restored so that you can focus on taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

For more information on BioSheen of Texas, please visit:

Contact Us 24/7 – (972) 296-4959

Our compassionate experts have a genuine concern and unwavering feeling of care for our client. If you find yourself in need of any type of forensic cleaning, allow our team to help you in your time of need! Call us for immediate assistance, day or night!