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Odell Electronics Cleaning System

We stand for recovering the things that matter.

The hard drive that holds all your family photos. The big-screen TV that took months of savings to buy. The home stereo system that makes your movie night spectacular. These days, the average home is loaded with electronic devices that store our memories, hold valuable work and personal information, and provide entertainment to make our lives more fun. Today’s homeowners are more deeply invested in electronics than ever — and that’s why we have invested in the highest quality Odell Electronics Cleaning System.

Marketed under the Fireline Systems banner, the FL-1735, FL-65 and FL-PC-2 allow us to restore your valuable electronic items to pre-loss condition or better.

Odell has been the premier manufacturer of electronics restoration since 1948, providing safe, effective methods to clean electronic equipment and components that have suffered from fire damage, flood damage or water damage.

The Electronics Cleaning System At Work

Our well-trained technicians use Odell equipment to cleanse laptops, PCs, tablet computers, stereo amplifiers and speakers, TVs, monitors, Blu-Ray players, and more. In most cases, we can fully recover your electronics, removing rust, smoke, soot, and odor.

We understand that your insurance coverage may be limited, and by restoring electronic items instead of replacing them, we can provide you with the most value for your restoration budget. It’s just one more way we are helping our customers get back to normal faster.

Electronics We Can Restore


Your electronic devices are carefully rinsed to remove rust, smoke, soot, and odor.


Your items are placed into a specialized drying and dehumidifying chamber designed for electronic devices.


Your items are returned, fully operational and free of contaminants.