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Slow Water Leaks And Emergency Water Removal

emergency water removal dallas, water damage dallas, water damage removal dallasYou would never ignore a broken faucet that was spraying water all over the kitchen. You wouldn’t close the bathroom door and pretend a toilet wasn’t clogged. But not every water damage problem is so obvious. Sometimes a tiny pinprick hole in a pipe allows a slow leak that you don’t notice– sometimes for months. 

Aside from the obvious aesthetic stains and watermarks on the walls that you can see, something more dangerous can be happening inside the wall cavities. Slow leaks are dangerous, particularly if you don’t notice them right away; they can foster the growth of mold and bacteria that can pose serious health hazards. They can also pose serious consequences that may result in emergency water removal

What’s Happening Behind The Walls?

Although there may not be a flowing stream, a constant supply of water can cause wood floors to swell and warp. It can soak into gypsum or plaster walls. Your carpet padding can quickly deteriorate because it wasn’t made to tolerate long exposure to water. Water soaks into the structure, causing it to weaken, and the materials could fail and possibly even break. In addition to the damage that prolonged contact with water may also lead to:

  • Fire caused by contact with electrical outlets or sources.
  • Softening and rotting of wood and other organic materials.
  • Stains caused by minerals or particles in the water seeping into porous materials such as stone or wood.
  • The spread of bacteria or disease in water from contaminated sources like sewers.
  • Odors caused by mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Besides weakening the structure of a home, water damage can also lead to microbial growth like mold and mildew.  Stanley Restoration’s extraction team and drying equipment will dry your floors, furniture, and other belongings before the damage gets worse, but time is money. If this cannot be repaired soon, emergency water removal will need to take place.

Factors in Removal Costs

While there are some basic costs per square foot for moisture issues in the home, many factors can influence what your final costs are. The primary driver is the type of water damage. Clean water from a pipe or the rain is the least costly. Gray water that has come from a dishwasher, washing machine, or other appliance can contain chemicals, and be twice as expensive. Black water, or water that has come from a contaminated source such as a backed up sewer pipe, is obviously the most costly to remedy.

The types of building materials will also impact the total cost. Slow leaks tend to rot wood supports ,ruin carpets and destroy drywall. Damage to plaster walls would cost even more since they are more time consuming and difficult to repair.

The size of the affected area and the location will also affect the cost; a small, easily accessed area might be a few hundred dollars.  However, standing water an inch deep covering the entirety of a basement will cost many thousands of dollars to clean up.

Lastly, the presence of mold will affect the costs of emergency water removal. A professional team like Stanley Restoration will remove all the moldy material without spreading the spores to other parts of the house. All traces must be properly remediated  since the presence of mold and mildew in a home can lead to potential health hazards for those with weak immune systems.

Emergency Water Removal In Dallas

Stanley Restoration is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience in the DFW restoration industry. Each of the employees undergoes background checks for your safety and extensive training in our services. They arrive at your home uniformed and in lettered company vehicles, providing an added measure of security. So what are you waiting for? Call today!