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Black Caviar Chanel Purse Case Study

What Happens To A $4000 Purse After A Total Loss Fire? Why We Restore It Of Course.

The irreplaceable purse was originally declared a loss by the insurance company

Replacement Value: Over $4000

Fire, smoke, and soot ruin and destroy valuable and sentimental items every day. This Black Caviar Chanel purse was damaged by acidic smoke and soot, soaked in water used to extuingish the fire, frozen solid by January’s low temperatures, and then exposed to the elements for approximately two weeks. It was easily determined to be a loss and cashed out by the insurance carrier. This did not make the homeowner happy as it was one of her most prized purses and it would not be easily replaced. Many Chanel models are discontinued and therefore irreplaceable. Her timeless and beautifully handmade Chanel purse was now destined for the land fill.

The purse suffered heavy smoke and soot damage

Covered in soot and having a heavy smoke odor this purse was deemed non-salvageable. Additional debris from insulation and sheetrock dust caked the interior of the purse.

With an ES-3300 Esporta Wash System however, the possibilities of restoring such a severely damaged item was very possible. Stanley’s Esporta-Certified crew recognized that many of the soft contents (clothing, boots, belts, purses, etc.) at the fire were in fact still restorable. They took action immediately and began the restoration process.

Fully restored by the Esporta Wash System. Cleaning Cost: $79.99.

So what happened to the $4000 Black Caviar Chanel Purse? It was fully restored to better than pre-loss condition and returned to the ecstatic homeowner who exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! I wasn’t aware that something like this was even possible!”

With the Esporta Wash System, what was once considered non-restorable by all in the restoration industry has changed. The delight of homeowners, huge claims savings, and a green initiative to prevent unessecary waste is very much alive in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex!

This Chanel would once again be able to grace the side of our homeowner – a true testiment to the quality of a handmade Chanel purse and the superior cleaning technology of the Esporta Wash System.