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Case Studies

Take a detailed look at our contents cleaning and restoration projects.

The Black Caviar Chanel Purse Case Study

Damaged in a fire, the isnurance carrier originally declared this irreplacable purse a loss. This did not make the homeowner happy as it was one of her most prized purses and it would not be easily replaced. Many Chanel models are discontinued and therefore irreplaceable. Her timeless and beautifully handmade Chanel purse was now destined for the landfill.

The Olympian Case Study

Original Olympic garments worn during the 1976 WInter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria had become moldy in storage. The garments owner is hypersensitive to mold, and unless they could be cleaned and the mold completely removed they would have to be disposed of. Stanley Restoration carefully inspected, prepared, and processed these beautiful items. Upon completing the Esporta process, these items were carefully sealed, boxed, and sent certified to an independant laboratory.

The Wounded Warrior Case Study

An undeteced HVAC leak resulted in mold and water damage to military documents and garments. Of critical importance were the young Marine's dress blues and several flags that had flown over his base in Afghanistan. These items had significant meaning. These items were irreplaceable.