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Water Damage Restoration Dallas

24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services

Get the fresh start you need after a water damage disaster. You don’t have to deal with the headache of water damage cleanup on your own. Stanley Restoration in Dallas, TX is available 24/7 to help you restore your property back to its pre-loss condition.

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Why Should I Hire A Cleaning And Restoration Company?

With the rising prominence of DIY cleaning methods, more and more people are attempting to attempt water damage restoration on their own. Usually, this leads to far more work and stress than expected. To help you make the right decision of whether or not to call a cleaning and restoration company after a water damage disaster, below are a few reasons for why you should as recommended by our Dallas water damage restoration experts.


Effective water damage restoration is all about speed. The more quickly you remove the water and dry out your home, the better off you will be.


The quality of water damage restoration between professional and DIY jobs is usually drastically different. It is difficult, if not impossible, to match the superior training, resources, and manpower of a professional restoration company. Furthermore, when people undertake water damage restoration on their own they often miss small pockets of moisture that eventually lead to further damage and mold growth.


Water damage restoration can be a very stressful process, especially when people attempt to do it on their own. There are many different stressors to deal with. A few of them are safety concerns, stress about making the right decisions, and stress about doing a good job.


Staying safe in the water damage restoration process is easier said than done. There are several different safety hazards that our team often experience. Two of the most common are contaminated water and structural damage. Contaminated water is floodwater that contains dangerous bacteria and microorganisms. The worst kind of contaminated water is floodwater that contains sewage or harsh chemicals. Floodwater like this is also known as blackwater. If you have any concern that floodwater in your home is contaminated, especially if it may be blackwater, don’t attempt to clean it up on your own. It is not worth the risk to your health. As for structural damage, this usually occurs from the actual force of a large flood or from floodwater wearing down the structure of your home over time. Either way, this is dangerous because the damage is sometimes hidden meaning that parts of your home are vulnerable to collapsing without warning.


Professional cleaning and restoration companies have resources and equipment that individuals simply don’t have. These include industrial pumps and fans that remove floodwater more quickly than any other available methods. Cleaning and restoration companies also have access to protective gear and clothing so they can remain safe during the restoration process that people in the general public typically don’t have.