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Emergency Water Removal Fast

The number one principle in emergency water removal is simple; time is of the essence. The sooner floodwater is removed from a home, the lesser the damage will be. Even a few additional minutes of floodwater in contact with your carpet, walls, and furniture can lead to significantly greater levels of damage. At Stanley Restoration […]

Emergency Water Removal In Cedar Hill

When you experience a water disaster emergency, you need more than a couple of workers with buckets and mops; you need a team of water damage restoration professionals with the knowledge, equipment and safety protocols to save your Cedar Hill home. In a water damage crisis, look for an establishment with years of experience, a […]

After the Flood

Wow – that was a wild night! Maybe you watched your lawn furniture float down the street, maybe you have minnows in your living room. Living in tornado alley also means we get some huge, unpredictable rains. The only certain thing about flood damage is the uncertainty of the next few days and hours. We […]