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Sam’s Club: Stanley Commercial Services To The Rescue.

A local Sam’s Club with 154,000 sq. ft. of water damage.

Wholesale Water Damage

A local Sam’s Club experienced a total roof failure due to the strong hail storms that had afflicted North Texas during April 2016.  Weeks later, heavy storms caused hundreds of leaks from the roof and flooded the entire 154,000 sq. ft. facility.

Stanley Restoration’s Commercial Division met with on-site management and came up with a detailed plan to extract the water, prevent further damage to tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise, and to begin the drying process.

Unfortunately, the weather pattern produced several days of heavy rain in a row and the roof’s integrity was consistently compromised.  Additional flooding of the facility occurred as the roofers continued to perform emergency repairs to the roof.  Stanley Restoration’s crews were on-site and on call for 5 days battling the onslaught of water.

Eventually emergency repairs to the roof held and the facility was able to dry.  An entire new roof was scheduled to be installed to re-secure the building.