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Kaufman County Family Suffered Tornado Damage TWICE!

Many families have suffered the ravaging effects of tornadoes tearing throughout Texas and surrounding states. Crops have been ruined, homes destroyed and even lives were lost.

Jo and Bill Miniat are a couple who faced the unfortstorm damage kaufman county, tornado damage kaufman countyunate event of losing their second dream home to the merciless winds of a tornado that tore through Kaufman County last Wednesday. But they have maintained a positive attitude of gratitude. Houses are replaceable, lives are not, explains Jo. We got each other!

Furthermore, Jo and Bill expressed their gratitude for the help they received from several individuals in the community, including members from our team at Stanley Restoration. People came together in the dark and rain to help the Miniat’s cut trees, pick up branches, and start fixing the roof on their home.

We can’t be more thankful for the people that came in and helped us, said Bill. It’s a great world. It really is.

Watch the news clip highlighting the Miniat’s story here.