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Frozen Pipes

Old Man Winter has come early with the arrival of Winter Storm Cleon.  While deep freezes can be a rarity here in the South, Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro homeowners can find themselves more vulnerable to frozen pipes than our neighbors to the North.

Home construction in the northern states will typically have pipes built within the insulated portion of the structure.  

Further north, freezing or sub-freezing temperatures are to be expected and construction practices lend added protection to the pipes.

Here in Texas however, we are more at risk when temperatures dip too low.  Construction practices differ in southern climates commonly pipes can be located outside of insulated areas.  Examples of this would be pipes in attics, crawlspaces, and exterior walls.

It’s not time to panic when temperatures drop to 32 degrees for a bit.  However, when temperatures remain consistantly below freezing for several days or the temperature drops to 20 degrees, problems can occur.  If affected by the cold, pipes can burst once temperatures rise above freezing and begin to thaw.

Winter storms can be dangerous and can leave behind significant damage.  If you or those you know have been affected contact Stanley and see how we can help.