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The Olympian Case Study

Restoring Victory.  Removing Mold.

The Details:
Type of Damage: Mold
Loss Date: ??

Above: Irreplaceable United States Olympic gear From The 1976 Olympics held at Innsbruck, Austria.

Innsbruck, Austria is a beautiful city half-way around the world nestled against the mountains.  In 1976, Innsbruck was host to the Winter Olympics.  How amazing must it have been to represent the United States as an Olympian.  Even more amazing to later use your talents to become an Olympic coach.  We are honored to have made Mrs. Dickinson’s aquantaince.

Her irreplaceable Olympic garments from the 1976 Winter Olympics, had recently become contaminated with mold spores.

For some, mold spores do not pose a significant threat.  To others however any mold spores, mold fragments, or mycotoxins can be cause for serious concern.  These individuals have developed a sensitivity that causes them to react sometimes severly to even small amounts of mold.

Hypersensitivity is a serious and real medical issue. It is becoming more and more recognized in the medical field as those in the field gain further understanding of how molds, mold spores, and mycotoxins can affect our human body in adverse ways.  Many suffer from hypersensitivity, yet for a long time the symptoms and associated problems were often misdiagnosed or dismissed.

Hypersensitivity refers to excessive, undesirable (damaging, discomfort-producing and sometimes fatal) reactions produced by the normal immune system.  Hypersensitivity reactions require a pre-sensitized (immune) state of the host.

Mrs. Dickinson had become hypersensitive.  Her Olympic items were shipped to us from California for the specific purpose of removing mold spores, mold fragments and any traces of mycotoxins.  The Esporta, with its powerful disinfection cababilities and its ability to preserve the structural integrity of even the most delicate items, had been chosen for the task.  The success of the wash would determine the fate of the items.  She would not be able to keep them in her possession if our efforts failed.

Stanley Restoration carefully inspected, prepared, and processed these beautiful items.  Upon completing the Esporta process, these items were carefully sealed, boxed, and sent certified to an independant laboratory in Michigan that had been chosen by Mrs. Dickinson.

“Stanley Restoration provided Esporta wash services to my Olympic wear that I wore in the 1976 Olympics.  Mold spores had contaminated them and I was thrilled to see that they were successfully washed by the Esporta and tested zero on mold surface testing after the washing. Thank You for allowing me to be able to keep these treasured items !!!”    â€“W. Dickinson

Independantly verified – the results were amazing.  The Esporta had performed on such a microscopic level that the lab cleared and approved the return of the restored Olympic items to Mrs. Dickinson.