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The Most Thorough Cleaning Process Known to Science

Learning from recognized experts in the restoration industry should never be taken lightly.  This past December, Stanley Restoration had the priveledge to spend some time with David Mazur, founder of Fireline Systems and President of Ultrasonics International.  David’s company manufactures an entire compliment of ultrasonics equipment.  

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most thorough cleaning process known to man.  The Fireline Systems ultrasonics equipment is engineered to handle even the most delicate contents while providing a powerful cleaning action to remove the heaviest contamination.
Cleaning times are fast and cleaning quality is consistent the best of both worlds for the restoration industry and our homeowners.

While ultrasonics cleaning is not new to the restoration industry, most restorers do not take advantage of this powerful tool.  Furthermore, some who have invested in the equipment have not equipped themselves with adequate training to utilize the equipment properly.

Fireline Systems is a division of Ultrasonics International Corp. It was established in 2006 for the purpose of streamlining the contents restoration process through integration of New Management and Organizational Concepts and Advanced Cleaning Technology.