b'See more of our case studiesCASE STUDYby scanning this QR codeThe Black Caviar Chanel PurseWhat Happens To A $4,000They took action immediately and began the Purse After A Total Loss Fire?restoration process. The purse was fully restored to We Restore It Of Course! better than pre-loss condition and returned to the ecstatic homeowner who exclaimed, Oh my gosh!I Fire, smoke, and soot can ruin valuable and sentimentalwasnt aware that something like this was even possible!items every day.This Black Caviar Chanel purse was damaged by acidic smoke and soot, soaked inRestoration Cost: $79water used to extinguish the fire, frozen solid byBEFORE (INTERIOR)Januarys low temperatures, and then exposed to the elements for approximately two weeks.It was determined to be a loss and cashed out by the insurance carrier.This did not make the homeowner happy as it was one of her prized purses that would not be easily replaced.Stanleys Esporta-Certified crew recognized that many of the soft contents (clothing, boots, belts, purses, etc.) at the fire were in fact restorable.BEFORE AFTER21 22'