b"RECONSTRUCTION & ROOFINGThe roof is a homes first line of defense against wind, hail and severe weather damagemaking its protection paramount.Many roofing and reconstruction companies compete for business from homeowners and insurance companies. With Stanley Restoration's 30-year history in reconstruction and full-service restoration capabilities, our services stand out.We have established our reconstruction business on a solid foundation ofhailstorms and winds can cause to Dallas/Fort Worth homes. Our skilled integrity, quality, and professional service.Our estimators have a wealthteam members are experienced in roof inspection and repairs. We will work of experience and will work to ensure the job progresses according todirectly with homeowners and insurers as we identify problems, halt damage, the scope and established timelines.We take pride in managing everyand restore roofs to their original condition or better. reconstruction project in a professional and efficient manner. We have been serving the Metroplex for many years, and have earned a When it comes to roofing, Stanley Restoration rises to the top. As a localreputation as an honest, trustworthy roofing and reconstruction contractor.business, we know Texas weatherand were familiar with the damage 17 18"