Fireline Ultrasonics System

We stand for superior cleaning technology.

Crystal wine glasses blackened by soot. Dishes and silverware that smell like smoke. Delicate custom jewelry tarnished by water damage. All of these items and more can be fully cleaned and restored with Stanley Restoration’s in-house Fireline Ultrasonic System.

The Fireline System uses ultrasonic cleaning technology to gently and thoroughly clean hard contents and delicate items without causing damage.  Ultrasonic cleaning is the most thorough cleaning process known to mankind – providing consistent high-quality precision cleaning on a microscopic level.

Ultrasonics remove contaminants like mold, soot and rust more effectively than traditional cleaning methods that use harsh chemicals and abrasives, and it is gentle on the environment as well as on your home’s contents. Using only green detergents and controlled ultrasonic cleaning frequencies, our Fireline system carries away foreign materials quickly and efficiently, providing superior cleaning quality and fast turnaround times.


 Stanley Restoration is proud to be a Certified Fireline Restoration Company, partnering with insurance adjusters and homeowners to save thousands of dollars in restoration costs, and effectively clean and recover valuable items that were previously considered non-restorable. Re-cleaning lessens environmental waste, reduces expenses, and helps homeowners get more value for their restoration budget.

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