BioSheen of Texas

  Stanley Restoration, L.L.C. is proud to announce a partnership with BioSheen Services, L.L.C.  As a result of this partnership, BioSheen of Texas was formed to provide professional Forensic Restoration® services to all of North Texas. Forensics Restoration® encompasses the … Read More

Survival Tips From A Navy Seal.

Think you have a stressful job? Think about doing your job while people are trying to kill you.  Now that is real stress. United States Armed Forces personnel are taught to perform their duties under extremely stressful situations.  Navy SEALs … Read More

Homeowner Retention: Why Good Service Is Not Enough

As the insurance industry continues to go through dramatic changes, it is absolutely crucial in today’s market that adjusters and agencies provide more than just “good” service – especially during the settlement of a claim.  The industry has become hyper-competetive. … Read More

The Most Thorough Cleaning Process Known to Science

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most thorough cleaning process known to man.  The Fireline Systems ultrasonics equipment is engineered to handle even the most delicate contents while providing a powerful cleaning action to remove the heaviest contamination. Cleaning times are fast … Read More

Frozen Pipes

Further north, freezing or sub-freezing temperatures are to be expected and construction practices lend added protection to the pipes. Here in Texas however, we are more at risk when temperatures dip too low.  Construction practices differ in southern climates – … Read More