Fire Damage Tips

Tips For Fire Damage

Fire and smoke damage affect structures physically and can create dangerous, toxic environments.  Protect you and your family while preventing further damage with these fire damage tips.

In The Event of a Fire Please Do:

1.  Assess the affected area.  Your safety is paramount.  Be very aware of your surroundings — slipping hazards, electrical hazards, and health hazards may be present.  When in doubt, do not enter the damaged area.
2.  Wait for the fire department or fire inspector to give permission to enter the structure.  Sometimes this may not be possible due to the amount of damage or lingering effects of the fire.
3.  Contact a professional restoration company with a reliable reputation.

Please Do Not:

1.  Do not enter the structure unless given permission by the authorities.  Certain areas may be under investigation for several days to weeks after the fire.  Take care to avoid these areas so the investigators and insurance personnel can do their jobs in an expedited fashion.
2.  Do not attempt to operate or remove any type of electronic device such as TV’s, etc.  Electronics must be cleaned professionally by a restoration company.
3.  Do not attempt to lift water-logged items.  Saturated items are deceptively heavy and could cause injury.
4.  Do not cross-contaminate.  Do not walk through affected areas into un-affected areas unless absolutely necessary.  Limit movement through the structure to an absolute minimum.  Avoid getting your hands dirty.
5.  Do not attempt to clean the structure or any items.  It is best to let a professional restoration company assist you with the cleaning and assessment.

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